I wanted to strike the right balance between having an entertaining novel (which fiction should be) and  a novel with some spiritual content. This is not easy to do without others feedback.

I am indebted to the following friends and loved ones who at one time or another volunteered to review drafts of the book and then illuminated me with their insightful comments:

Stephanie Niketic, Colleen Evans, 
Patti Giuffre, Ann Marie Poska, Annalise Stack, Erina Reddan, and Louise Sabo.  

I am most thankful to my wife, Rita Sabo, and to my daughter, Tania del Rio, for their patience and valuable feedback.  Thanks to the very-talented Will Staehle, for his wonderful cover design.

I'm also grateful to my sons, Derek, who for a small, yet unpaid, fee volunteered to proof-read my manuscript, and to Alex Yovel, for the errors he's sure to find once the book is published.