This life I was born in Mexico City in MCMLIV (roman numerals = lame attempt to conceal age), and have worked most of my life as a software engineer. However, I have always enjoyed writing. During my formative years I enjoyed writing poems and short stories, so my memory box is filled with reams of napkins, covered with all sorts of scribbles, thoughts destined for disintegration.

Honeycomb is my third novel. My first novel was based on the events of the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake and its sorrowful aftermath. My second novel, entitled ‘Seeds of Power’ is a political thriller based on a fictional Latin-American country, I self-published it in FirstBooks.   I began to write, ‘Honeycomb’—the book now under your consideration in 1998. The basic premise of the story (an entity in a spiritual limbo given the chance to choose his future life) is based on an actual recollection of mine.







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